Enquiries relating to the felling of the Ash Tree on Nant Clwyd Park

Published: 20 May 2022

Private contractors working for and on behalf of WCBC recently completed works to the ash tree adjacent to the sub-station in Nant Clwyd Park. The ash is not subject to the tree preservation order which affects the adjacent oak tree.
Prior to undertaking the work, the ash tree was inspected both by David Jones (WCBC Arboricultural Manager) and again by myself; both inspections revealed the tree to be structurally compromised due to the presence of decay both in the main trunk at ground level and within a primary stem between 5.0 – 8.0m.
Due to the hazards noted and the risks presented to persons and property should the tree or its parts fail it was agreed to undertake a level of work to address the risk. This work was completed on Friday 29th April 2022.
Ash as a species of the tree provides significant ecological benefits for specific invertebrates valued for their own contribution to biodiversity and for their part within the associated food chain. Due to the ecological services provided
by this particular, mature ash it was considered important to not only address the risks presented by the tree at the time but, to also retain the tree in some capacity thus enabling it to continue providing ongoing benefits to biodiversity.
Rather than remove the tree completely it was decided to retain the tree as a ‘habitat monolith’ with the final pruning cuts undertaken in a fashion replicating natural branch failures and such wounds as would be noted following incidents such as storms for example. Such a pruning technique is called ‘coronet pruning’ and presents wounding which may prove accessible
and attractive as habitat for insects or even bats etc over time. Due to the decay at the base of the tree the council will continue to monitor the structural condition of the tree, any regrowth which the tree may produce
following this recent work will also be managed accordingly with both risk and biodiversity determining the extent of any future works.
I trust you find this satisfactory however please do not hesitate to contact either David or myself should you wish to discuss the matter any further
Jon Brewin Arboricultural Officer (Planning)