Dame Dorothy Jeffrey's

What is Dorothy Jeffreys’ Charity?

It is a recognised charity of the ancient parish of Bangor-Isycoed and surrounding areas, regulated by a scheme of charity commissioners and administered by local trustees

What does it do?

It uses income from invested money to provide assistance in educational matters for young people whose permanent home is in the area covered by the charity and for various specified organisations

What is the area of benefit?

The area covered by the charity comprises the communities of:

  • Bangor- Isycoed (this includes Cross Lanes and other areas within Sesswick)
  • Erbistock
  • the Penley ward of the community of Maelor South
  • the Worthenbury ward of the community of Worthenbury

Who can apply for help?

  • Individuals under the age of twenty five years, for help with expenses of an educational nature (books, equipment, lessons etc).

Note: This includes young people completing postgraduate and vocational studies, professional and technical training and scholarships to universities.

  • Schools situated in the area covered or substantially serving it, for items or services not normally provided by the Local Education Authority
  • Voluntary and charitable organisations providing facilities for people under the age of twenty five years

How do you apply?

Obtain a form from:

Clerk to the Trustees, The Dame Dorothy Jeffreys Charity
Parish Office, St Peter’s Church, The Cross, Chester, CH1 2LA
Tel: 07794654212
Email: ddjcharity@gmail.com

Complete the application form, giving as much accurate information and financial details as possible.

Receipts are required when applying for assistance with the purchase of books or items of equipment.

Send the form with the backup data to the clerk to the trustees

Note that school grants need to be accompanied by competitive quotations or tenders

What happens after the application is submitted?

All applications will be considered on merit by the trustees at their meetings in March, June and October.

Individual grants given take into account funds available from other sources and are treated confidentially.

School grants have to be for services and equipment not normally provided for by the Local Education Authority and need to be accompanied by competitive quotes or tenders

How many times can you apply?

Applications can be made as many times as necessary. Each application is considered separately, in detail, on its own merits

Any award granted to aid a continuing need does not commit the charity to further or future support.

Date of notice: 7th June 2020