The Community

Sesswick is a small rural local government community, the lowest tier of local government, situated some three miles to the south-east of Wrexham, between Marchwiel and Bangor-Is-y-Coed on the A525. Historically part of Denbighshire, Sesswick was one of the townships of the parish of Bangor Monachorum. In the 1972 Government re-organisation, it became part of Clwyd, then in the 1996 Government re-organisation, it became part of the present Wrexham County Borough.
The boundaries of Sesswick are largely based on the courses of the Rivers Dee and Clywedog, and of Bedwell Brook. Sesswick shares its boundaries with Marchwiel, Abenbury, Isycoed, Bangor Is-y-Coed, Erbistock and Worthenbury community councils.

The name Sesswick, recorded as “Sesewyke” in 1286 is one of the names indicating an early English presence in this part of north-east Wales. It is possibly derived from the Old English personal name “Seassa”, along with “wic”, meaning settlement.

However, the Wrexham historian Alfred Neobard Palmer, noting that the name was recorded as “Chespric” in the Doomsday book of Cheshire, speculated that it may have come from “Chadswick”, in reference to land in the township being owned by St Chad, the first bishop of Mercia.

In the 2011 census, Sesswick had a total of 609 residents. For the 2020/ 2021 financial year, Sesswick contains 316 rateable properties. At January 2020, there were 495 persons on the Register of Electors.